I love that everyone respects each other.
I love our school rabbit, Snuffles.
I like the games we have in the playground.
I love how everyone is unique.
I love this school because I get to read and learn.
Breakfast Club is great! I get to eat cereal and toast and play with my friends.
We go on awesome trips!
I like our visits to Winton Library.
I like how all the teachers will help you with your work.
Our Pupil Council means all our voices are heard.
I like that everyone is caring and really kind.
I love the awards we can win in our assembly.
I love the awards we can win in our assembly.
I like that everyone is caring and really kind.
Our Pupil Council means all our voices are heard.
I like the games we have in the playground.
I like that everyone is caring and really kind.
I like "Dance club", I enjoy it and it makes me feel fantastic about myself!
Playtimes are fun because you get to meet new friends.
We have playground leaders who we can play with as well as interacting with the younger infant children too.
We like Numeracy because I like a challenge!
We like Numeracy because I like a challenge!
Assemblies are ace because you can be proud of others!
Everyone gets together and we share our great work. We also have a theme of the week so we can concentrate on one thing.
I love the playground, it's vast, an immense space to play!
I like topic work because I learn lots of new things about the past!
When we work in groups, it gives us lots of ideas and more information to use.
Assemblies are awesome because when you get a certificate you get congratulated!
We get awarded with certificates, I feel proud of myself!
I like playing outside with my friends; we play on the stage and the tangle tree. We have lots of fun.
You playground is big for chasing games and the Willow dome is good for playing house.
Everyone gets together and we share our great work. We also have a theme of the week so we can concentrate on one thing.


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Andy Harrison(a couple of years ago)

I attended school yesterday afternoon to deliver fire safety training to school staff. I enjoyed the training session as the staff engaged very well which always makes the training easier. I was made to feel very welcome. Looking around the school before the training I noticed lots of bright displays of the children's work in corridors and in class rooms. The school may be over 100 years old and looks tired on the outside but it is vibrant on the inside and I have no doubt this is a very good school. Andy Harrison, Safety Manager, Salford Community Leisure Ltd

aaya hassan y3b(a couple of years ago)

I love this school website it's very useful and fun. I love it when Mrs Kinsey comes and does spanish with us after p.e. I have loads of friends and they always make me giggle in class and also very nice people. When we fall out were still friends and we all join up together and be respectful to one and other . Even if new people come to this school we all ways welcome to this school and its a pleasure to meet you. Since I was in nursery and now I'm up in year three up in the sky in ks2 its very fun with you all joyful people and you will see me with a big smile every day eccspatilly for Miss Reeves thats who Im writting for . Thanks lots of love Aaya xxx

Connor Gurney(a couple of years ago)

I was browsing your website today when I came across the guestbook and thought I'd just leave a message. I'm an ex-student from the school and I left in Year 3 in September 2007. I remember vividly my days at school with Mrs Carr, Mrs Fazackerly, Mrs Heywood and Ms Fisher. I'm in Year 11 now up in York. Just wanted to say that I miss the school and I hope one day I'll be able to come back and say hello. Connor x

Aiyhab Hamoodi(a couple of years ago)

Last Wednesday, I came to pick up my little sister from school, as I came into the playground, I remembered all my memories at beech street, when I used to speak to the teachers on the playground, when I used to walk around with my friends, when I used to do p.e on the football pitch, when I used to be a peer mentor for the little ones, I had a tear in my eye... then, I saw my old teachers, Mrs Kinsey, Miss Orr, Mrs O'Brien, Mrs chalmers &Mrs hall, unfortunately, I didn't see Mrs Beaty, Mrs Reeves and Mrs Selcuk. I love high school, but I don't think any school in the world would beat my favourite, all-time primary school. I also want to say thank you to all the teachers who taught me, because without any of you, I wouldn't of got good sats results... thank you. If any of the members of staff are reading this, then I want you to know that I am missing you and that I will miss you all the time. :( :,( :) :D lots of love, Aiyhab xxxxx

Smithk981(a few years ago)

It is rare for me to uncover something on the web thats as entertaining and intriguing as what you have got here. Your page is sweet, your graphics are great, and whats much more, you use sources that are relevant to what you're saying. That you are undoubtedly one in a million, well done!

Johnc326(a few years ago)

I have read a lot of good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I'm surprised at how much effort you put in to make such a magnificent informative web site.

Aiyhab Hamoodi Year 6(a few years ago)

Dear Members of staff at Beech Street Primary School, Thank you for all your help throughout the years. No matter where I go, there is always an adult who puts a great big smile on my face. When Mrs Beaty first visited our school, I thought straight away that she would make the perfect headteacher . In class, I love being taught new things. Mrs Hall, our cheerful teacher, is always making me feel proud of myself and always helps us with our work. Mrs Reeves, is a polite, joyful member of staff who is there when you need her. Every time I feel like something bad is happening to me, I think Mrs Reeves is the right person to speak to. She never has a frown on her face and is always doing her best to keep everybody happy. In my opinion, if anybody wants to move school, I recommend Beech Street and I wish I could take back the time so that I can be in Nursery and start school all over again. This would give me chance to see the staff for much longer. :)

Aiyhab Hamoodi Year 6(a few years ago)

I love the new Beech Street website and it is really useful. I would like to thank all the beautiful, kind members of staff for helping me out. I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs.Reeves for helping me out when I had bad problems. I love my friends because they all support me in class. I don't want to leave the school in summer and thank you Mrs Beaty for making the lovely playground a fun place to play in!

Charlie Sainthouse (year 2)(a few years ago)

It's really good and it gives you lots of information , I liked seeing pictures of my friends :-)

Paul McGovern M.B.E(a few years ago)

Can I say a massive THANK YOU to all the pupils and staff for the warm welcome we received at your school on the 11th of July. We were treated like part of the school and not just visitors by all concerned.From first thing in the morning until we left, nothing was too much trouble.The food and drink was first class and the buzz around the school was nice to see. Even on Saturday morning two young ladies came up to me in the Trafford Center and said thank you which is a first. All of the team commented on how well the day had gone, so please pass on my regards to all at the school. Keep up the good work.