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Playground Leaders at Beech Street



The Playground Leader's Mission


To be a role model around the school
To help people who are sad
To make the playground a happier place
To be impartial when pupils fall out
To help sort out problems
To help prevent bullying

The type of help we offer is:

 Hurt children - take to first aid
Serious incidents - take to  teacher
Friendship fall-outs - help the children deal and don’t take sides
Practical help e.g. push a wheelchair, keep injured people company, teach little children how to play.
Help each other help others too!

How to find a Playground Leader

 Look for the yellow vest & playground leader badges
Area on website
Timetable and Rota

Why we enjoy being Playground Leaders

 It is FUN!
Playground Leaders know how people feel and they can help
Being a Playground Leader has improved our own awareness and responsibility
We make more friends around the school
Helping someone gives you a good feeling.


Our Playground Leaders work hard to ensure our playground is a bully free zone, click here to read their anti-bullying policy: