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Ofsted’s School Data Dashboard shows the most recent Ofsted summaries of our end of Key Stage 1 and end of Key Stage 2 data, including summaries for Beech St Primary School.

Link to Ofsted Website Ofsted judged our school to be ‘Good’.  

Inspectors were very positive about the school, below are some of their comments:

Ofsted Report 2017


‘ Pupils have very good attitudes to learning. Pupils say how much they enjoy school and report that they like work ‘that gets their brain working’


'At the end of key stage 2 in 2016, pupils achieved above those of a similar age at the expected standard in writing and comparably in mathematics.'


'Leaders have focused effectively on developing the quality of teaching and as a result pupils are benefiting from a consistent approach which encourages high expectations.'

'Pupils say they feel very safe and well cared for in school. As a result, pupils feel very confident that adults will help them if needed.'


‘A welcoming, colourful and well-organised environment provides a positive climate for learning throughout the school’.



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