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'Education is the most powerful weapon with with to change the world'

Nelson Mandela

This Page is currently under development and we aim to have it finished by the end of October 2020

The Beech Street Curriculum Intent 

At Beech Street we aim to offer a curriculum which suits the unique needs of our children and families. We focus firstly on ensuring our curriculum is fun, engaging and relevant. Through our School Values of Tolerance, Respect, Ambition, Courage and Kindness we ensure our children will grow up to have a positive impact on the world around them.

We place a huge emphasis on Reading and Phonics to allow the children to become independent learners as soon as possible. Books play a huge role in our school and the children talk about them on a daily basis. They love our Jungle Library, our Outdoor Reading Shed, Barry the Book Barrow and Bertha the Book machine. Our 5-a-day promise in Nursery and Reception, helps our children to develop a deep love of books at an early age. Whilst our '25 books to read' in Key Stage 1 & 2 ensure our children access a wide variety of authors, genres ano both new and classic texts.

Our literacy teaching follows the Pathways to Write Approach. This Mastery Writing Approach promotes the importance of immersing our children in well chosen stories to build vocabulary and develop a deep understanding of the content. With lots of modelling, speaking and listening and structure, our children are empowered  to become confident expressive writers.

We follow White Rose Maths to give our children a mastery approach to maths from an early age and supplement this with a range of online activities which the children love. As part of maths of our daily maths diet, we teach children economic awareness skills which we feel are crucial to helping our children have a good understanding money by the time they leave us. 

Along with many other Salford schools, we use the THRIVE approach to help us develop our emotional intelligence. Through weekly sessions, our children build an emotional tool box to help them deal with any difficult situations  they encounter in their lives.

As the children get older, their skills and knowledge will grow and help them develop a good understanding of their place in the world and in history. Through the mediums of sport, the arts and a wide  variety of experiences, our children will leave Beech Street well equipped to help make our world a better place. 


Please click the links to find out more about each subject at Beech Street:

The Early Years Foundation Stage 


Phonics and Spellings

Pathways to Writing at Beech Street

Maths & Economic Awareness





Design Technology



Religious Education



Legal Requirements

The core of our curriculum is based around the guidance issued by the Department of Education (DfE) in the following two documents:


The Early Years Framework (2014) - Nursery and Reception

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The National Curriculum (2014) – Year 1 to Year 6

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Whilst the above two documents are statutory we are free to supplement this with any other knowledge and skills that we feel are relevant to our pupils.


These documents below summarise the requirements of the National Curriculum by Year Group:-


Year 1 curriculum coverage

Year 2 curriculum coverage

Year 3 curriculum coverage

Year 4 curriculum coverage

Year 5 curriculum coverage

Year 6 curriculum coverage




 Each class teacher has the freedom to choose a topic for each half term or term that will allow them to deliver the all the relevant aspects of the curriculum for their year group through a theme that will inspire, engage and challenge their particular pupils.

 For each topic the class teacher will produce a topic map which outlines the main objectives. Whilst I am proud that our curriculum encourages a creative approach from staff, we recognise that there are many aspects of the curriculum that require consistency, such as phonics, grammar, spelling and calculation. Our staff work extremely hard, in collaboration, to monitor and ensure this consistency. Our main toolkit for the teaching of phonics is that produced by the DfE, Letters and Sounds.

Each topic should be chosen with quality texts in mind to ensure a high quality English tuition. Each year we allocate money to supplement class libraries to enhance these topics and encourage pupils to develop and love of literature.


Whole school topic map 2019-20 ( Subject to change as new curriculum areas are completed)

 Discovery RE for parents

RE Long Term Overview


Maths Essential Skills 

Visits and Visitors

All members of our school recognise the importance of high quality learning experiences. If relevant, staff will arrange a variety of visits, visitors or other experiences throughout the year. Experiences such as these do come at a cost which is why the governors and I allocate funds to substantially reduce or remove any costs to parents. Parents and pupils tell us how much they appreciate these creative experiences and how much they believe it contributes to their child’s engagement and enjoyment of our curriculum.


  Outdoor Curriculum 

Our school is also committed to developing our outdoor spaces to take ‘learning outside the classroom’, but within the school grounds. We already have small gardening areas, a storyteller’s corner and are looking to develop a sensory space.


 Support For Parents

Our staff will report regularly to parents giving them an indication of how their child is progressing against the expectations of the National Curriculum and their own personal targets. A written report is provided at the end of the Summer Term. Parents are also welcome to make an appointment to see a member of staff at any time throughout the year, by appointment.


Should you require further information, please contact us – our curriculum leaders will be happy to talk in more detail. Alternatively, visit the DfE website for a full list of learning objectives and curriculum requirements.