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Home Learning Resources for if your child is forced to self-isolate 

If your child is forced to self-isolate we wanted to ensure that they are able to continue learning (if they are well enough). We have decided to use the Oak National Academy Learning Curriculum to ensure our children are offered the highest quality online resources. At this uncertain time, it is more important than ever that we try to keep some sort of routine and stability. We hope this page will help you do that from home. If you need to borrow some technology whilst in isolation please phone the office or send a DOJO to Mr Spedding. 

In addition to this curriculum, your child can make use of all the online learning platforms listed below. If you require log in details or passwords please DOJO your class teacher and they will get them to you within 24 hours. 

Here is our Beech Street Home Learning / Remote Learning Plan

If your child's class or the whole school is forced to isolate and work from home then this  home/remote learning plan outlines our offer to all our children. 

During our remote/home learning our staff will use Zoom Video Software to connect with groups or the whole class. 

Please read the Zoom Policy and ensure you and your child adhere to the guidelines to keep us all safe.  

Copy of our Beech Street Zoom Video Policy

For children with Special Educational Needs who need a different curriculum please follow this link 

For children in our Nursery we recommend you do some of the following during they day:

Share 5 different stories through out the day to meet your 5 a day - click here for the link to Cbeebies Bedtime Stories

Why not sing some Nursery Rhymes together try this link for some traditional rhymes.

Try some amazing Maths Activities click here 

Help your child gain develop their Understanding of the World by clicking this link

For children in our Reception Class please follow this link:

For Phonics please use Mr T's  Phonic Page  by following this link

For Maths use this White Rose Resources Home Learning Link


 The Downloadable Early Years Activities Collection for Reception & Nursery
This guide is packed with rich and varied range of learning opportunities. They arevplay based experiences and they fulfil and compliment so many curriculum areas.

Play in early years is how children learn and make sense of the world. These are only guide lines and you can adapt the ideas, as you know your children best and can follow their interests.

Each activity is meant to be cross-curricular, They do not just cover a maths focus, a literacy focus or a science focus. In early years, we take an integrated approach. It is very much about laying a firm foundation in a fun and informal manner. This is about a quality, shared time together whilst also supporting their educational enrichment.

For children in Year 1 or Year 2 please follow this link:

For Maths use this White Rose Resources Home link


This booklet cover lots of different curriculum areas and could be handy to print off (just select the pages you wish as it is a big document) or download to your tablet/ipad. Your child can then select activities they like the look of to ensure they do some quality learning each day. They will still need plenty of support and reassurance but the activities have been chosen to be both fun and engaging using a nice layout and attractive pictures.


You can also download the answer booklet by following this link.

For children in Year 3,4,5 or 6 please follow this link 

or Maths use this  White Rose Home link

You can download this booklet to your Ipad/tablet. It is packed full of easy to follow learning ideas which you and your child can choose from to help create a learning timetable. It also has an answer booklet.




Fancy a simple Maths Work Sheet ?

White Rose Maths Downloadable Work Book for Year 1 - Year 6.

Simply download the booklet and use paper and pencil to solve the problems for your Year Group.



Useful websites

Below are some useful websites for your child to access as part of their home learning.

If you are unsure of your child's username and password for Reading Eggs, Purple Mash, Numbots/TTRS, then please contact their class teacher.