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Our Geography Curriculum Intent

At Beech Street we aim to give our children a clear understanding of the world around us by slowly exploring further away from our home town in each year group. Each classroom contains a map of the world and a map of the UK and these are made reference to as daily links appear in the news, in books, in the people we learn about and whilst exploring all areas of the curriculum. They are not just used in geography – they are always available to deepen our children’s understanding of our place in the world and allow children to explore with independence.

By studying different areas, counties, countries and continents we hope to build strong foundations each year which will prepare our children well for their future learning and passion of geography. We will ensure we build on our local knowledge and make links with the many wonderful places within easy reach of Manchester.  

We will also talk passionately about the importance of looking after our local area, our wildlife, our oceans and most importantly, our planet and encourage our children to develop a strong sense of community.

Here is a link to the progression map of skills in Geography