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As well as our dedicated curriculum lessons, here at Beech Street we also provide additional intervention lessons when required. 


Take a look below at some of the online interventions that we provide. If you would like to access these pages for further information, click on the pictures.


Alongside the online interventions mentioned below, teacher and TA-led interventions are also delivered throughout the week. 


IDL is an online intervention used to support children with dyslexia or dyslexic type difficulties. 

It is proven to increase reading and spelling ages, as well as children's confidence and self-esteem. 

IDL is a multi-sensory intervention that requires the children to look at words, listen to them, repeat the word back and then spell the word on a computer.

At Beech Street, we use IDL to positively focus on those children with dyslexia and dyslexic type difficulties. 

Fast Phonics supports children with their early phonics learning.

Through this interactive online learning platform, children can progress through the mountain peaks, developing their reading and spelling ability through segmenting and blending sounds. 

Fast Phonics has a bank of reading books that the children can access, which correlates with the Letters and Sounds phase that they are focusing on. 

Fast Phonics is used in conjunction with Reading Eggs, and can be accessed both at home and in school. Children use the same password for both Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics. 

Numbots is used to support children with their number bonds knowledge. It is a progressive scheme which children can work through independently on any device. 

It is ideal for using little and often. 

Numbots is the partner of Times Tables Rock Stars, so children use the same username and password to access both websites. 

Children can also access Numbots at home. 

Reading Eggs is an online tool that supports children to develop their reading.

Lessons are structured around learning essential reading skills, reading books online, earning rewards and completing quizzes.  

Reading Eggs is highly engaging and uses colourful animations, songs, characters and rewards to keep children motivated.

All children have their own unique Reading Eggs login, that can be used both in school and at home. 

Reading Rocketeers is a reading intervention that is led by an adult to support children develop their core reading skills.

The intervention is proven to boost progress and improve comprehension by developing reading fluency and encouraging high quality discussions.

All of the texts incorporated into the intervention are presented in a dyslexia friendly font.


As well as the IDL English focused intervention, we also offer the IDL Maths focused intervention.

The intervention is aimed at low-attaining learners in Maths, who are showing traits of, or have dyscalculia.

It focuses on the main mathematical principles of Bonds, Counting, Sequencing, Patterns, Number Value, Place Value and Arithmetic.

There are 2250 lessons, which present the mathematical principles through fun puzzles for the children to complete.  

Letter Join is an online teaching tool that enables children to develop their cursive handwriting.

Teachers and teaching assistants use Letter Join to support the teaching of cursive letter formation through the use of interactive animations and resource sheets.

Letter Join is a progressive scheme. It initially focuses on aiding children to become 'handwriting ready' through finger and hand exercises. It then progresses through to pattern formation, simple cursive letters, harder cursive letters and then finally joining the letters together to write words and sentences.  

Letter Join can also be accessed at home. 

Times Tables Rock Stars is an online Maths resource that focuses on children developing their times tables knowledge. 

Each child has their own unique login, which then automatically progresses them through the tables that they need to focus on. It asks a mix of both multiplication and division questions. 

Children can also access TTRS at home.

Fast Track Phonics is used to support those children in Year 2 who did not achieve the expected level in the Year 1 Phonics Screening test. 

The intervention is a 14 week programme that is used in addition to the children's daily phonics lesson.

It focuses on: grapheme/phoneme correspondence, blending to support reading, segmenting to support spelling, and blending and segmenting as reversible processes.

Precision Teaching is an intervention that is used to support individual children with their confidence and sight recognition of words or numbers. 

Precision Teaching is a repetitive intervention that is delivered in a quick-fire manner several times every week. The aim is for the children to be able to sight read the letters/words/numbers as many times as possible within a strict time, usually 1 minute.