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English: Spelling

Our Spelling Overview

The statutory curriculum for spelling aims to develop a child’s ability to spell words correctly, using their knowledge of spelling rules and of how common phonemes are spelt. Spelling is a developmental process. The stages through which children pass as they develop as spellers are the following: pre-phonetic, phonetic, transitional and ‘correct’. Spelling is a visual-motor skill and children will therefore need to develop visual strategies alongside their phonic knowledge.


As a school, our aims in teaching spelling are that the pupils will:

  • be encouraged to look carefully at the words
  • be taught spelling rules and given the opportunity to apply them in writing
  • understand how the English spelling system works and how its history has influenced our spelling
  • be helped and encouraged to develop their confidence as competent spellers, because the ability to spell most words correctly is often closely associated with good self-esteem. This affects performance in other areas of the curriculum
  • develop and extend their vocabulary through shared, guided and independent spelling activities
  • enjoy spelling and recognise its value


Teaching and learning of spelling in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 is underpinned by the use of a high quality phonics programme, alongside the National Curriculum requirements for spelling in Years 1 and 2. Click the phonics link above for further information.  In Key Stage 2, objectives are taken from the National Curriculum requirements for spelling. A range of resources are used to support the teaching of spelling. Spelling homework is set weekly in KS1 and KS2. Spelling lists based on the objectives being taught are sent home weekly and a spelling task is set on 

Teaching staff monitor and assess the progress of the children in their class and use this to plan supportive, reinforcement or extension activities.  Spelling assessments take place each term for common exception words but primarily, assessment is on-going using the National Curriculum objectives. The NFER assessments for spelling are also used termly to provide summative assessments in Y3 - Y6. 


Spelling Policy

NC English Appendix 1 Spelling

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