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Hi, I'm Mrs Douglas and I am the Art & Design Lead here at Beech Street Primary School.

Please take a look around and find out what we have been up to as a school, it's constantly evolving as is the world of Art!

A Christmas Cracker Art Competition - pass your 2D or 3D entries to your teacher by Friday 11th December

Progression of skills  throughout the school   - click here

November's Art Exhibition...

October's Art Exhibition...

Our curriculum intent for Art and Design at Beech Street School aims to:

  • Develop our children’s ability to create, explore and record their ideas and experiences, through a two-year rolling programme
  • Develop the key artistic skills of drawing, painting and mixed media through good quality teaching and well-planned progressive experiences
  • Explore key vocabulary through the evaluation and analysis of creative works to develop and enhance our children’s language experiences
  • Focus on a great artist, craft maker or designer in each unit to ensure children understand the historical and cultural elements of the art forms they study
  • Explore local artists, craft makers or designers within the locality wherever possible to make work relevant to children’s lives


The implementation of Art and Design at Beech Street Primary School

  • Our two-year skills-based progressive rolling programme ensures children experience, experiment, develop and refine key-skills in each element of Art
  • It provides our children with opportunities to explore their thoughts, feelings and social skills through individual, paired and group work through the study of at least three artists each year, though this is not limited
  • It encourages children to become artists, observers, explorers, experimenters and problem solvers of the future by providing quality opportunities to draw, paint, and creatively explore a range of materials and their possibilities in artwork, both 2D and 3D, inspired by the Great Artists and artists of today


The impact of Art and Design at Beech Street Primary School will be measured by:

Teachers assess and monitor skills over time, during lessons and at the end of units of work. They…

  • …use a range of evidence to assess progress, e.g. discussion, observations, written/ illustrated/created pieces
  • …highlight children who need practise with specific skills and target these in their IEPs, where possible
  • …highlight gifted and talented children and provide experiences to challenge their abilities further, such as art afternoons, Art Competitions, etc.