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I'm Mrs Douglas, the Design and Technology lead here at Beech Street Primary School.

Take a look at this page to see what we cover in our Design and Technology curriculum.

Design and Technology

Subject Intentions...

The Design Technology curriculum at Beech Street Primary school aims to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise of our children needed to perform everyday tasks with confidence and support them as they grow in an increasingly technical world. It aims to follow a progressive skills base by allowing children to experience, explore, develop and innovate in order to design and make high quality prototypes and products for a wide range of audiences to ensure children receive a genuine Design & Technology experience.

Implementing Design Technology...

  • We support and encourage a healthy lifestyle, by ensuring each year group is taught to make at least one healthy snack, however this is not limited (other foods can be made within other subject areas)
  • We encourage children to explore the digital world we live in, by introducing children to electrical systems, allowing them to explore and develop their understanding through practical experiences (Further supported by the Computing and Science Curriculum).
  • Using Projects on a Page (DATA) as a CPD tool and planning framework, we teach children to become designers and problem solvers of the future by providing quality opportunities to explore, develop and refine the ability to join a range of materials together, to construct their own innovative ideas, inspired by designers of today and of the past, both locally and worldwide.

The impact of Design and Technology will be measured by...

  • Assessment and monitoring of skills progression over time, during lessons and at the end of units.
  • Using a range of evidence to assess progress, e.g. discussion, observations, written/ illustrated/created pieces.
  • Highlighting children who need practise with specific skills and target these in their IEP’s where possible.
  • Highlighting gifted and talented children and providing experiences to challenge their abilities further where possible.

Here are a few books that really inspire children with their Design and Technology.