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Religious Education (RE)

Subject Leader- Miss M. Marsden 

Here at Beech Street Primary School, we use the Salford Agreed Syllabus to plan and assess our pupils.  

We appreciate the variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds of our pupils and we want all children to develop knowledge, understanding and respect towards different religions and faith groups to themselves; preparing them for life in a diverse society and a future with many possibilities. We have adapted our curriculum in response to the context, strengths and needs of our school. The skills and attitudes developed through RE promote British Values and whether they have a faith or not, we believe that they need to be given an awareness of what life is like from a religious point of view. We have a duty to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of pupils and although it is important that the school’s ethos and subjects contribute towards this, we recognise that Religious Education has a large part to play.



Our curriculum intends to support pupil's personal search for meaning as they explore what it means to be human and explores faith traditions, rituals, places of worship and sacred texts and stories. We support children with their learning of world faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, and their understanding and awareness of the beliefs, values and traditions of others. We encourage children to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own views, values and experiences. Linked to our core connection of ‘equality and diversity’ and the British Values, children will be able to consider issues that are relevant in the world today. Children will learn to develop the skills and confidence to consider themselves as ‘Global Citizens’ who belong in a multicultural, mutually respectful world. We intent to promote racial and religious respect, celebrate diversity in society through differences, offer opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development and support pupils to value themselves and others.



 Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Salford Agreed Syllabus. Our curriculum enables all pupils to achieve well and attain high level outcomes by the end of each Key Stage. The curriculum is taught from Reception to Year 6 and reflects the fact that religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religious traditions represented in Great Britain. The curriculum is progressive, clearly sequenced and suitably ambitious. We enrich the curriculum by organising visits to places of worship and faith leaders and other members of the community are also invited into school to contribute to learning in the classroom as an additional valued resource. Through the curriculum, children are taught three core strands of religious education: Believing, Expressing and Living. During the school year, teachers will enhance the curriculum by engaging children in the celebration of religious festivals and celebrations. RE is taught for 1 hour each week at a clearly identifiable slot and religious texts are used within lessons to support knowledge of the theme and non-fiction reading comprehension. Children are empowered to express their skills, knowledge and view through a variety of forms including, debates and drama, poetry, stories, art and non-fiction genres.



We use a range of tools to assess the impact that RE is having at Beech Street. We ensure that 100 percent of books show that all teaching and learning outcomes are to a good standard or better through differentiation and regular book monitoring. We check children’s understanding by checking what they do know and what they remember based on our intent. All book monitoring will show that the intent is being implemented in the order and approach as planned by the subject leader. Pupil voice will show that staff can identify which children are engaged in Religious Education within or outside of school. Our school values are celebrated during our assembly time by discussion, stories and songs as well as key festivals for all religions.

The document below outlines the RE teaching overview, from Nursery through to Year 6.