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Beech Street Breakfast Club


Breakfast clubs have long been proven to improve health and concentration skills in young children. We are therefore proud to announce the opening of our new Beech Street School Breakfast club.


‘Breakfast at Beech Street’ has been a huge success and very popular with our pupils and staff. The club opens at 8.15 a.m. and children have 35 minutes to have breakfast and get ready for the school day ahead. There are a variety of cereals, fruit and toast on offer.


Breakfast club is available to pupils from Reception to Year 6, so why not come along and enjoy a healthy start to your day.


Breakfast will be free for anyone who is eligible for free school meals and for all others, the cost will be 50p per day. The children can bring the 50p in each day and there is no obligation for the children to attend the club every day. Entrance to the Breakfast Club is via the main school office and the club will be held in the school hall.

What pupils have said about our club...


"It's great to eat with your friends"

"Breakfast club is the best"

"I love to have breakfast with my friends"

"We have great food at Breakfast Club"