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Information for New Starters at Beech Street

September 2022

By now you will have received your allocation of a place for Nursery and Reception for September 2022 and will be in the process of accepting your place online. 

Over the next couple of months, the transition process of getting to know you and your child will take place. 

There will be a new intake meeting which will be held at school on Tuesday 14th June at 4.30p.m.  At the meeting you will receive all the information you will need about starting school. You will also receive the paperwork which you need to complete for your child before they start school. Following the meeting, there will be a chance to look around our Early Years Classrooms and meet the staff who will be teaching your child. 

Stay and Play sessions for parents and children will also take place. If your child has a place for Nursery, their Stay and Play session will be on Thursday 30th June, 3.15 onwards and if your child has a place in Reception, then their Stay and Play session will be on Tuesday 28th June, again 3.15 onwards. 

We understand that this is a very important time for you and your child. Hopefully the videos below will be a good introduction to our school.  We look forward to meeting parents and carers on 14th June however if anyone requires any extra support in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at school. 



Ms O'Brien  - Early Years Leader & part time Reception teacher
Ms O'Brien  - Early Years Leader & part time Reception teacher
Miss Greenhalgh  - Nursery Teacher
Miss Greenhalgh  - Nursery Teacher
Mrs Brock  - Reception Teacher 
Mrs Brock  - Reception Teacher 

A Day in Reception

Click the link below to view a Powerpoint about starting in Reception

Reception - new starters information Powerpoint

A welcome message from our Reception teacher and Teaching Assistant

A welcome message from our Nursery teacher and Teaching Assistant