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Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

At Beech Street, we aim to provide a high-quality PE curriculum which inspires children to develop a lifelong love and understanding of physically demanding activities and a healthy and active lifestyle. Now more than ever, the importance of this has been highlighted in society. We believe that all children should find an activity that they can enjoy and thrive in. We aim to provide a wide range of different activities to cater for their needs and hopefully inspire them. By doing this, we aim to develop pupils with a solid skillset and a strong sense of physical literacy by the time they are ready to move on. As a result, all children should leave with a positive attitude towards PE and understanding of how to enhance their wellbeing that they can carry forward into later life. PE is vital in developing our core values of tolerance, respect, ambition, courage and kindness through competition with others and themselves which we do periodically within the Salford Sports partnership and the WEB cluster. We aim to provide as many children as possible with the chance to develop and shine against other schools before leaving Beech Street.  


Each child receives two hours of PE on a weekly basis which is carefully planned and mapped out to ensure a broad range of skills and activities. These sessions are either delivered by specialist coaches or class teachers during PE lessons. Every week during assembly, children are encouraged to share their outside of school achievements which allows for the opportunity to celebrate and raise the profile of sport.

During KS1, children are given the chance to develop their fundamental movement skills and extend their balance, agility and coordination. This provides them with the necessary skills to progress in KS2.

As the children move through KS2, they develop the different areas of the PE curriculum. Children have the chance to first participate in a sport or activity in lower KS2. This is then built upon during upper KS2 to ensure progression and revisiting of skills. The children are assessed on their performance, their social skills and their ability to be a good competitor. By doing this, we are assessing on a holistic level which is key in our promotion of sport and wellbeing. We also provide opportunities to both self and peer assess to enable the children to critique their performances for improvement. We provide ample opportunities for the children to participate and compete against others through School Games events and other inter and intra school competitions.

To give the children the best possible chance of achieving 30 minutes of activity at school, we encourage and facilitate active playtimes and the children complete the daily mile. At Beech Street, we are proud of our extracurricular content. We provide a wide range of activities such as archery, running, health and fitness, netball and football. We also utilise our sports premium funding to promote enrichment activities through sport, focussing on inclusive activities such as boccia, kurling and action sports. 


Our curriculum improves the wellbeing and fitness of children at Beech Street, providing them with a solid and transferrable set of physical and mental skills. Our core values are taught throughout the subject to ensure that the children develop a positive attitude towards PE. The children are exposed to a wide range of sports and activities which will motivate them to find their sport and understanding of the importance of physical activity for life. Through pupil voice, it is clear that children thoroughly enjoy PE at Beech Street and this plants the seed for enjoyment through the rest of their journey.

At Beech Street, we believe that PE is an essential part of the curriculum. We are extremely proud of the achievements and developments of our children.

Mr Peck


'All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.'

Magic Johnson

PE Assessment at Beech Street

Assessment in PE is completed at the end of each unit. The children are awarded either a bronze, silver, gold or greater depth score for the three different strands of assessment. We assess by looking at the three following areas:

  • Performance
  • Personal and Social
  • Competition

Performance assesses against the physical and technical skills needed to complete the unit.

Personal and social looks at leadership, communication and evaluation of self and others.

Competition refers to demonstrating sporting values, following rules and self-motivation to succeed.

By assessing in this way, we are able to produce a more rounded and holistic view of a child’s performance in PE.

At the end of the year, the children are assessed against the curriculum outcomes which they have been working towards throughout the units.

We use PE Passport as our stimulus for planning and assessment. 

We partner with Edstart for our PE provision.