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Our School Council

Our School Council and Prefects play a vital role in ensuring the children at our school have a voice. They have meetings each half term with Mr Spedding and discuss plans for the upcoming term. The make requests and questions decisions to make sure the pupils at Beech Street get the very best possible experience from their Primary School. The School Council are coordinated by one of our dedicated teaching assistants - Miss Burbidge - who ensure the children are well prepared for their meetings.


School Council Meeting Minutes



8/10/2020 : The children all voted for their school council in September. They met with Mr Spedding to be give their badges and told a little about their role in the school. The children were really excited and cannot wait to get started. The children will now meet in their bubbles and feedback to Miss Burbidge with ideas. 


02/12/2020 - The children all met in the staff room in a socially distanced manner with Mr Spedding. We discussed how to drive forward our pledge to get 100% of children bringing water, not juice, to drink during the day before Christmas. We also discussed how and who the Beech Street Angels would be able to help during the Santa Run. The children suggested buying food (Turkeys, Christmas Puddings and sausages) for families in our communities along with helping homeless people in Eccles, Electricity & Gas, 




19/05/2021 - The children met with Mr Spedding to discuss our plans for developing the playground further. The children asked for an indoor quiet space which could be used to play board games and colour when they wanted to. We also talked about having a school pet and the children spoke passionately about their school rabbit.  We talked about highlighting water in bottles and having healthy snacks. Harris made a flyer to give out to all the children.


9/06/2021 - The children met outside with Mr Spedding to share what they were enjoying about learning at the moment. The children were enjoying their daily reads and have loved the visit of Paul Cookson the poet. They are excited about sports day and wanted some traditional games including like the egg and spoon race. 


18/06/2021 - The school council met to vote on the names of the school guinea pigs. The names Biscuit, Smudge and Peanut were chosen. Mr Spedding will write a letter to all the parents about how we will all care for the guinea pigs. We will also start interviewing staff and governors and sharing this as a 7-minute podcast. The Year 6 School Council will take the lead on this but all the children will be able to put forward questions. We will also include the governing body.