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Our School Council

Our School Council and Prefects play a vital role in ensuring the children at our school have a voice. They have meetings each half term with Mr Spedding and discuss plans for the upcoming term. The make requests and questions decisions to make sure the pupils at Beech Street get the very best possible experience from their Primary School. The School Council are coordinated by one of our dedicated teaching assistants - Miss Burbidge - who ensure the children are well prepared for their meetings.

School Council Meeting Minutes


03/07/2019 - The School council today met with Mr Spedding to share their requests for extra-curricular activities from September. Mr Spedding informed the children that plans were already under way to ensure each member of the teaching staff would offer a club from September. We added their clubs - computing club, model making and homework club- to the list of potential choices. Mr Spedding also informed the School Council that plans had been set to redevelop the playground in Summer. Mr Spedding showed the children the design and thanked Year 6 for their input. The children were really excited and have decided to write a letter to our local residents to apologise if there is any noise disturbance during the redevelopment in the Summer holidays. Once written, the School Council will walk around our local houses to deliver the letters with Miss Burbidge.