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I'm Miss Willerton, the Computing Lead here at Beech Street Primary School.

Please take a look at the information below about how we teach Computing, how we promote Online Safety and the importance of Computing in our ever changing society.

Any questions regarding the teaching of Computing at our school, don't hesitate to contact,

At Beech Street Primary School, we recognise the importance of computing skills across all aspects of modern-day life. Not only is computing essential at home and in the children’s future lives in the workplace, Computing also has many cross-curricular links, for example in Maths, Science and Design Technology.

At Beech Street, we teach all three elements of Computing: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Our children have access to a wide range of technology which encourages the development and application of taught skills. Our technology includes: iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, PCs, interactive whiteboards, BeeBots and a green screen. 



What are we aiming to achieve through our Computing curriculum?

  • To enable all children to understand how to use the internet in a safe and responsible manner
  • To provide children with opportunities to develop their problem solving skills
  • To encourage independent learning
  • To enable our children to become ‘digitally literate’, confident and creative technology users 



How will we do that?

  • Plan and deliver engaging and challenging lessons, through our Computing curriculum scheme Purple Mash
  • Differentiate lessons to suit the needs of each class
  • Use eAWARE to educate children about staying safe online
  • Use cross-curricular links and additional platforms, where appropriate
  • Regularly review our Computing curriculum through Pupil Voice and Staff Voice
  • Ensure all of the hardware and software that is needed to teach is available in school
  • To maintain all hardware and software to a high standard



 What is the impact of our teaching?

  • Children will be able to use the internet in a safe and responsible manner
  • Children will be able to use a wide range of software and hardware confidently 
  • Children will continue to challenge their learning and apply their skills to different subjects 

At Beech Street School, we use Purple Mash to support our curriculum and planning.

Purple Mash allows the children to apply the skills they are learning to all aspects of the Computing curriculum.

Please click on the Purple Mash icon below to go straight to the Purple Mash website. Each child has their own personal login so they can create a portfolio of their work. Homework is regularly set on Purple Mash, in the 2Dos section. If you are unsure of your child's login, please ask their class teacher. 

Online Safety is an incredibly important part of the Computing curriculum. At Beech Street School, we start each half term with Online Safety lessons to ensure our children are able to access technology in a safe and responsible manner. 

Through our subscription with the eAWARE programme, we are able to assess the current Online Safety needs of our children and tailor our lessons to ensure our curriculum is relevant to the changing online world that they are facing. 

Click on the icon below to take a closer look at the eAWARE website. 

Parents can access the eAWARE videos and support guidance to help with Online Safety at home. Please contact school for our unique school login code. 

Further information regarding Online Safety can be found on clicking this link.

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